Replacement Activation Codes

One of our clients emailed yesterday to find out what the procedure was to get CAD4U running again after his PC was struck down by malware …

I’ll let him take up the story:

I had a major problem with my laptop two weeks ago and eventually I lost the partition due to a virus. Consequently, I have lost the serial number and licence for my copy of CAD4U on my laptop.

Fortunately the PC version / licence is OK and as I use the laptop in the house in the evenings I am a little stumped. Is there a procedure for reinstating the laptop licence?

Well here’s the solution (V22 users only!):

  • If you have restored (from a Windows backup) the Windows system, together with CAD4U to your PC, then the license information should have been restored as well. In this case CAD4U should still be operational … however if NOT read on …
  • If a PC has to have Windows re-installed, then you will HAVE to re-install CAD4U and re-Activate.
  • Download the latest version of CAD4U from here and install using the original serial number as per instructions here. If you don’t still have the serial number then fill in the form on the download page and request one.
  • Install the downloaded CAD4U and when requested enter the serial number (using copy & paste!).
  • CAD4U will now enter the 20 day ‘grace’ period, allowing full functionality i.e. you can get on with your work!
  • You now have 20 days to apply for a new Activation Code as the previous one will be invalid, following the procedure in the document Activation.pdf found here.
  • Please copy on the email to C-Technik.
  • Your new Activation Code will be sent by return.
  • All the above assumes that you are on the latest version (V22), so if you are not please get in touch here and let us know what you require.