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Using the link below you can download the latest version of the CAD4U software … for older versions please click here & send us an enquiry. If you are an existing user of this version, you can download and install any later release than the one you currently are using … See <How to update CAD4U(-XS) V33.rtfin the download files. If you are not a  user of this version, you require a serial number to unlock a free 20 day trial of an unlimited version of CAD4U.  In order to use the software after the expiry of the trial period, a full license must be purchased, either as an upgrade, exchange or new seat.  For more information on using the serial number please read Serial_Number.pdf.

The setup executables (32 & 64 Bit) are fully Windows compliant installers and the software can be uninstalled (removed) from your PC using the Control Panel>Programs and Features dialogue to fully uninstall. During installation you will be asked to read and agree to the C-TECHNIK Software GmbH license terms to continue with the install. A copy of the current license terms & conditions can be found here, but a copy can also be found in the documentation supplied with the installation.

download_buttonCAD4U Version 33 – Release 33.00.35

File Contents:

CAD4U(-XS) folders.rtf
64-Bit or 32-Bit.rtf
How to install CAD4U(-XS)V33.rtf
How to move CAD4U(-XS) V33 onto new PC.rtf
How to update CAD4U(-XS) up to V10 onto V33.rtf
How to update CAD4U(-XS) V11 or V22 onto V33.rtf
How to update CAD4U(-XS) V33.rtf

Please use the form below to request your serial number after downloading the software.