• Intuitive and easy to learn
  • Fast ‘context sensitive’ GUI – less searching for functionality
  • Unique graphical drawing Library for fast access, inserting and positioning of components, sub-assemblies, modules & symbols.
  • Easy to re-use drawings in other applications e.g. WP, DTP
  • Powerful and ergonomic

Supported Operating Systems:

  • Windows 11, 10, 8.x and 7 (32-Bit and 64-Bit)
Drawing Pages
  • 16 pages (windows) plus Scratchpad
Index Pages per library 
  • 59999
  • max. 256 drawings per page

Major Features:

  • Print Zoomview (=unscaled printout of current view)
  • Close Gaps (=close very small gaps between elements)
  • User Defined Line Styles, User Defined Hatch
  • Extraction of Text-Attributes (=Parts listing)
  • Stretch, Datasort
  • Implode, Group Export
  • Save Zoom, Load Zoom
  • View Options
  • Datasnap Toolkit
  • Path-Features (in all group selection palettes)
  • Vector plotting via PLT plotter drivers
  • Integrated DXF and DWG Import and Export
  • Integrated PDF Import and Export

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