CAD4U V33.00.35 available for download

A new V33 point release is now available on the website … click HERE to access the download page and this new version.

If you are already using CAD4U V33 you can use this to update your installation, or if you are using an earlier version, why not try an unlimited CAD4U V33 with our free 20 day trial?

CAD4U Version 33.00.35 (released 04-07-2020)

File Contents:

  • setup_CAD4U_32Bit_330035_english.exe
  • setup_CAD4U_64Bit_330035_english.exe
  • History.rtf
  • CAD4U(-XS) folders.rtf
  • 64-Bit or 32-Bit.rtf
  • How to install CAD4U(-XS) V33.rtf
  • How to move CAD4U(-XS) V33 onto new PC.rtf
  • How to update CAD4U(-XS) up to V10 onto V33.rtf
  • How to update CAD4U(-XS) V11 or V22 onto V33.rtf
  • How to update CAD4U(-XS) V33.rtf